What is Mustache Club? It all started with a group of guys I met Junior Year of College at Belmont University. What started as a random collection friends, turned into what was a joke group chat called “Mustache Club”, as we all were attempting to grow what facial hair we could. Pretty quickly, this assortment of driven, passionate, and fun loving guys has become a place to have genuine conversation, encourage each other, and of course, enjoy and discuss some of the things guys love most: beautiful women, love for our work, craft beer, wilderness hiking, travel, cars, leather jackets, jeans jackets, cigars, food, faith, different whiskies, dressing for success, and coffee, to name more than a few. Now the focus isn’t even about the facial hair; it’s a way of living: to be gentlemen who demand respect, respect women, and are always ready to be there for the boys.


Inspired by the genuine community that has been built with these brothers, I bring you Mustache Club Press:  The online resource for building a better, more effective gentleman. From the the top 10 best bourbons, to quick dating tips, men’s style, and word’s of wisdom, Mustache Club Press is the place to celebrate and embrace being a man!

-Andrew Salminen