Love Your Beard!

It’s NO-SHAVE November, and for many of us, this means scraggly, patchy, facial hair that aren’t all that flattering! Of course it’s also a time for those lucky men who have been able to look like a lumberjack since they were 17 to show off how quickly they can make their facial hair into a perfect untamed mountain of bearded forest. For those who struggle to get that thick beard, hear are some tips!

1. Don’t shave too early!

Many men shave when the itchiness is unbearable, which is often at a time that is too early to allow it to grow back in its full potential. A good rule of thumb to follow is the four-week beard period! Itchiness is caused by not keeping your skin and beard moisturized. Use various creams or oils to keep your face smooth and hydrated, allowing the hairs to pierce through the follicles with ease.

2. Be Patient With Patches

During those first 2-3 weeks, you may have to endure some gaps or patches or stubble. Its by the fourth week that the hair to fill gaps and the beard to take shape! Patience patience patience!
781573b456a9bcbb4f9ee9eeffd10946.jpg          6970df84bd2dfdea5b5e270c7e93ff50--beard-pictures-sexy-beard.jpg


3. Decide what to do next!

Let your beard grow wild and free, or sculpt and groom and shape! As it gets fuller, consider using beard oil to moisturize the hair and the skin underneath.


4. Take care of your diet and exercise!

  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, hydrates your skin and hair!
  • Working out increases testosterone in men, promoting healthy hair follicles and hair growth. Increases blood circulation allowing hair building nutrients to fuel healthier stronger hair.
  • Reduce stress: stress creates the chemical cortisol which hinders testosterone development and it is physically unhealthy for your entire body.
  • Get your sleep!
  • You need those nutrients for your hair! Eat a vitamin rich diet full of vegetables and protein rich foods! Hair after all is made from proteins and needs it to grow stronger and fuller.

3239befa0b1a0f18e8145c1c06daede1.jpg      Momoarope.jpg



5. DON’T Forget the Mustache!

If the beard isn’t for you or the patchiness is too overwhelming, or you are one of the unlucky people like me whole can only grow a small goatee of facial hair, try growing in that stache’!



Happy MOVEMBER! Best of Luck!


Andrew Salminen,

Mustache Club Press



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  1. Aimee says:

    I can’t relate to this post one single bit ! Ha ha ha but have been enjoying some of the others

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