Let’s Be Still…

Breathe, sit down!
All those anxious thoughts, plans, schedules, tasks buzzing around your mind, And no time to think!
But with all the stuff whale going on, ever get so stressed out you don’t know where to begin? Maybe you are feeling it right now as you distract yourself with social media!

Just put the phone down, take a seat somewhere, maybe grab some coffee or a tea, and give yourself 5 or 10 minutes of quiet time! Let go of the buzzing thoughts and focus on the things around you, the beautiful sky, the light breeze, or the warm latte in your hands. Take those worries thoughts and literally just release them to God and or then in his hands! As I’ve practicing using my “sit and Be Still” muscle (as it definitely does not come natural to me) I’ve found that as my body relaxes and I reel in my mind to the present, and give myself those ten minutes to relax, the next step into what I have to do for the day becomes crystal clear and a soothing of my soul occurs. I encourage you to find your quiet place your time to BE STILL everyday…it’s something our busy generation struggles to do with so many distractions around us!


I myself haven’t posted in over a week because I have been so overwhelmed with all the media I am surrounded by: the opinions, the negativity, the distraction! Sorry it’s been a while, I just needed a breather from the interweb to refresh my own mind and soul! Maybe thats the exact thing you need to!

Andrew Salminen,

Mustache Club Press

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  1. Aimee says:

    Agreed we all need rest and a time to recharge ! Its so difficult in this day and age especially with social media so easily available and right at your finger tips . Have heard and read that anxiety and depression has sky rocketed due to it . I notice it myself and have chosen to limit my social Media time . It seems to waste so much valuable time that I don’t have and I find when I put the phone down I’m more relational with others , creative ,can manage my list of things to do and accomplish them and less sleep deprived. Often when I get caught up with Social media and that pull happens I have to continue to ask myself … “ what’s drawing me ? Why am I doing this .? I find myself needing /wanting recognition , affirmation from people . How many likes on a given post can make me feel “ loved or liked.” Such a false reality ! Since I’ve chosen years ago not to friend people I don’t know personally which limits my amount of followers . My “ likes” are few compared to the younger generation. Thankfully, as much as it’s tried to affect my self worth I instead have chosen to put it down and am happier for it ! With that there is more time to just be without the noise and distraction of the outside world . More time to rest mentally , physically and emotionally .


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